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Fidesz defends plan to scrap early retirement pensions

Hungary is in no position to go without the labor of experienced, active people over 40, and these people must be given the opportunity to work until they reach retirement age, governing Fidesz's parliamentary group leader and the spokesman of the prime minister said.

János Lázár and Péter Szijjártó responded to remarks by an MP of the opposition Socialist Party (MSzP), who said Fidesz plans to scrap early retirement pensions were a "full attack" on the subsistence of hundreds of thousands of people.

Lázár and István Balsai, another Fidesz MP, submitted a bill to parliament on Friday that would eliminate pensions paid to people under the official retirement age. The pensions would be replaced by a social subsidy for people who qualify, but those who don't will have to return to work in order to make a living.