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Fidesz considers IT a priority

Leading opposition party Fidesz and the Hungarian Association of IT companies (IVSZ) signed an agreement on Thursday about cooperating for the development of the information technology sector, in case the party can form the new government this spring.

IT and telco workgroup of the Fidesz-Magyar Polgári Párt and the presidency of IVSZ held a joint meeting on Thursday in Budapest to overview the current situation in the IT sector and to define the  priorities of development for the next few years to come.


According to the participants, in the last term there was no IT strategy, but parallel and wasteful developments, initatives taken up and then abandoned. Although the sector is responsible for about 12% of GDP, it did not get enough attention. The last four years were called „lost” by the leader of IT and telco workgroup of Fidesz, Zsolt Nyitrai. The party expressed its plans to put IT on top of the priority list as a reboost for the economy as well as the society. It would like to concentrate on the creation and strengthening of e-democracy and the widespread use of public e-services.


IVSZ chairman János Keresztesi added that all parties were passed a draft of the proposal that could have helped them compile their tickets, but only got positive feedback from the Fidesz-KDNP . Keresztesi emphasized that revolutionary change should not be taken off the agenda and it can be realized especially through the development of the digital literacy. (BBJ Online)