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Fidesz asks PM to make reform committee work public

Main opposition Fidesz expects Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány to report on the activities of the state reform committee, which was set up recently, deputy floor leader Róbert Répássy told the press on Monday.

Fidesz is keen to know more about the reform committee, which press reports said is already working in secret and preparing bills independent of ministries, Répássy said. Fidesz would like to know what the committee is doing, when it began operations, who its members are and how much it will cost taxpayers, he added. The activity of preparing reforms is an affair that should be made public, Répássy said.
Gyurcsány said at the Socialist party's congress on Saturday that reforms in the next 18 months were to be introduced in order to ensure that Hungary reaches “a state of near balance” and the budget meets international standards by 2008.