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Ferihegy secure once more

The Budapest Ferihegy Airport has once again been categorized as “secure” by the EU, having made reparations to earlier safety deficiencies.

As of December 7, the European Commission (EC) annulled its restrictive measures brought against Budapest Ferihegy International Airport in August 2006 and informed all EU member countries about it, Air Transport Management at the Hungarian Transport Authority (NKH) told the Hungarian News Agency (MTI) yesterday. The EC carried out a comprehensive air transport security supervision in Ferihegy Airport between June 26 and 30 in 2006 and found that neither the passengers nor their luggage were examined according to the required standard therefore the EC classified the passengers and their hand luggage departing from Ferihegy as „non-secure”. The NKH Air Transport Management officially informed the EC on December 3, 2007 that the airport has eliminated all deficiencies revealed during the June 2006 control. (Gazdasági Rádió)