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Farmers to receive Ft 1,300 bln in EU subsidies in 2007-2013

Hungary can expect to receive EU agricultural development subsidies worth Ft 1,200 billion-Ft 1,300 billion during the EU's 2007-2013 budget period or almost Ft 200 billion a year, four times the amount farmers are currently receiving, undersecretary at the Ministry of Agriculture Zoltán Gőgös told a forum on Wednesday.

In addition to these development subsidies, farmers will be eligible for Ft 2,500 billion worth of direct area-based agriculture subsidies from the EU in 2007-2013. The development funds will be concentrated on four areas, with the biggest amount, Ft 600 billion, to be spent on technology, energy and crop developments as well as environmental improvements to livestock farming. Between Ft 400 billion and Ft 450 billion, or at least 30% of the total, will be spent to continue ongoing environmental management programs, Gőgös said. About 10% of funding will be directed toward rural development and 5% to supporting local organizations.