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EU defense ministers to hold informal meeting with Kosovo on agenda

The European Union Defense ministers will on Thursday hold a two-day informal meeting at Brdopri Kranju in Slovenia, with Kosovo on agenda.

The main emphasis will be on the EUFOR Althea operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU’s new military bridging operation in Chad and the Central African Republic (EUFOR Chad/CAR), a press release from the EU presidency said. Slovenian Defense Minister Karl Erjavec, chair of the meeting, said that Kosovo will definitely be on the agenda, the Slovenian Press Agency reported. The EU approved in the evening of last Friday to send a 2000-strong police and judicial mission to Kosovo, which Serbia opposes on the ground that it is tantamount to consenting to UN Kosovo envoy Martin Ahtisaari’s Kosovo status plan.

The Ministers will also discuss issues related to the work of the European Defense Agency and the EU’s strategic partnership with other organizations as the United Nations, NATO and the African Union. (Xinhua)