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Economic plan for Kosovo Serbs

Mlađan Dinkić presented yesterday the action plan for aiding Kosovo Serbs economically.

The economy and regional development ministry will help produce jobs for Kosovo Serbs with its plan, Dinkić said, adding that an office of the national employment service would be opened in Kosovo. Dinkić, visiting Kosovo yesterday, said there will be state loans offered. “This will be a loan without a mortgage, for a period of five years, with a one year grace period and eight percent interest. So, it will be without any kind of mortgage, the equipment will be bought with a security deposit,” Dinkić said. “That program goes for the already active vocational workshops in which Serbs in Kosovo work, wherever they are located. For small and medium-sized companies we will use incentive funds of up to €30,000, half with a mortgage, and half without. These are the most favorable conditions in all of Serbia,” Dinkić said.

The Serbian government is united in its politics towards Kosovo, said Dragan Đilas, who is responsible for heading the National Investment Plan (NIP). He said, during a visit to Visoki Dečani monastery Wednesday, that Serbs in Kosovo must be aware of this fact. Đilas said that the NIP will secure funds for reconstructing monasteries in Kosovo. “Every investment in the sacred, except what is invested in our spirituality and which we received from history, is an investment into the future. Every time you come here, when you see that something new has been done, when you see people gathering around the monastery, then you realize that this is the only concrete political plan we can implement at this moment with our ultimate goal in mind – the defense of Kosovo,” Đilas said. (B92)