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Duna Development to build biogas plant in Tatabánya

The local council of Tatabánya, northwest Hungary approved a potential site for a €5 million-€6 million biogas power plant, preparing the way for the plant's eventual construction, possibly by the second half of 2006, business daily Világgazdaság reported on Friday. Licensing for the plant could start in March, and, in a best-case scenario, construction could begin sometime in the second half of the year, with a trial run possible at the start of 2007, Tibor Érsek, managing director of Duna Development, which is leading the consortium carrying out the project, told the paper. The plant will burn 5 million-8 million cubic meters of biogas a year to generate 2-3 MW of electricity, he added. Duna Development, owned by the states of Hungary and Austria, is preparing the plans for the plant as well as organizing the consortium. The other members of the consortium are AVE Hungary, which will operate the plant and manage deliveries of waste, and Consorg 90, which will organize the financing for the plant.