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Democratic Forum in trouble in Budapest

The Democratic Forum (MDF) will probably face further difficulties in prolonging its parliamentary presence after the Budapest Election Committee (FVB) rejected the party's list in the capital city.

The committee rejected the small conservative party's list, arguing that it failed to contain a sufficient number of candidates eligible to compete in individual constituencies.

The Democratic Forum's Budapest list contains a number of liberal politicians after a deal was struck with the now defunct Free Democrats.

Failure to get votes on a list in Budapest would deliver a harsh blow to the Forum, which is fighting hard to clear the 5 percent threshold of parliamentary representation.

Under Hungary's election law, a party wishing to field a list in Budapest must enter candidates in at least 8 of the 32 individual constituencies.

The Democratic Forum managed to collect enough petition slips for 10 candidates by the March 22 deadline. However, Miklós Csapody, a party stalwart with 20 years spent in Parliament, announced his decision to quit the party on Tuesday, while other parties represented in the FVB challenged the legitimacy of another two MDF candidates.

As a consequence, the committee ruled on Wednesday that the Democratic Forum no longer had a sufficient number of individual candidates to field a list in the capital.

The Forum said it would appeal the decision. (MTI)