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Czech FM: “Russia wants Soviet-era influence”

Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg has criticized Russia for opposing a US plan to station a missile shield in the country.

In a television interview on Sunday, he accused Moscow of trying to regain the Soviet-era influence. “It is all part of a political game about influence in Europe. Russia is attempting to attain what it had under the Soviet Union, having the joint possibility of deciding the fate of Europe,” he told the Czech public television. Moscow has been refusing to accept US assurances over a tracking radar station it wants to station in the Czech Republic, along with 10 interceptor missiles in neighboring Poland.

Washington keeps on persisting that it is more concerned about countering the threat of what it calls the dangerous states and that the plans are not directed at Russia. Schwarzenberg argued that Japan, who is a direct neighbor of Russia, had constructed an identical type of missile defense system envisioned for the Czech Republic and Poland without it bothering Moscow. He did however add that Prague probably wouldn’t sign a series of agreements with the US over hosting the radar before NATO’s April summit in Bucharest. Russia says the US missile shield system would pose a threat to the country's security. (Press TV)