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Customs revenues exceed January-September target by Ft 30 bln

The Customs and Excise Office (VPOP) reported revenues totaling Ft 619 billion (€2.35 billion) in the first nine months of 2006, Ft 30 billion (€114 million) more than the targeted figure for the period, VPOP Chief János Nagy told reporters on Tuesday.

He said that VPOP collected Ft 6.5 billion (€24.71 million) in custom duties, Ft 547 billion (€2.07 billion) in excise tax and Ft 65 billion (€247 million) in registration taxes over the January-September period. After assuming new tasks allowing investigations, the VPOP revealed 500 reported crime cases for the period from September 15 to October 15, 57% of which were on bankruptcy proceedings, 27% on tax fraud and 7% on creative accounting, Nagy said.
He noted a particularly high-value, Ft 1.1 billion (€3.8 million) crime case, in which three Hungarian firms sold on the domestic market 14,700 tons of Russian and Ukrainian imported steelware that was destined to Croatia, as indicated in the shipping documents, well below market value.