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Croatia proposes rules of conduct on global energy markets

The Croatian president proposed Sunday to conclude a treaty regulating the conduct of buyers and sellers on the global energy market.

"It would be desirable if the rules of conduct in global energy cooperation became a model for solutions in supplies of other vital resources in the future," Stjepan Mesic said at a Balkan energy summit. "Therefore, I support the idea of a treaty on the rules of conduct [on energy market]," he said. The Balkan energy summit, which opened Sunday in the capital of Croatia, brings together 10 heads of state from the Balkan region - Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, and Serbia.

The forum is focusing on regional energy cooperation and construction of a pan-European oil pipeline, which is expected to connect oil-producing countries in the Caspian region with Europe, bypassing the Bosphorus Straits. Mesic said he was proposing agreements guaranteeing that certain states would not safeguard their own interests by forcible means or use access to energy resources as a political tool. "I would like to clarify that it regards transit countries, producers and consumers," he said, adding that the global energy market should be transparent and provide equal access to all participants.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is attending the forum as a special guest as Russia is seeking to maintain its dominance as a key energy supplier to European customers, offering a number of transit projects in an attempt to prevent the EU from creating alternative routes. The forum is expected to adopt a joint declaration. (