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Constitution draft criticized by court heads

Supreme judge András Baka and Constitution Court head Péter Paczolay strongly criticized the draft of Hungary’s new constitution at a public conference on Friday, online Hírszerző reported.

Baka found it problematic that the new basic document in its present form was not clear about the levels of court. This could be because of an aim to transform local courts into township courts or because there is an intention to eliminate the regional courts of appeal, he speculated. As the regional courts of appeal are currently the most well-functioning levels of the Hungarian judicial system, eliminating them would be a big step back, he emphasized.

Also, Paczolay found it unacceptable that the restriction of the Constitution Court’s jurisdiction the parliament approved last November would be laid down in the new basic document, too.

Head of the Hungarian Bar Association János Bánáti also criticized the draft for totally neglecting attorneys. Bánáti will initiate to have at least two sentences about attorneys in the new constitution, he promised.