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Coalition parties down, opposition up

Public support for the governing Socialist-Liberal coalition has further thinned in August, while it is obvious that the opposition Fidesz party is gaining strength, pollster Median reported on the website of business weekly HVG.

Based on a survey conducted between August 4 and 8, 40% of the total voting age population supported Fidesz, and 26% favored the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSzP). Among decided voters, this proportion was 56%-35%, Median said.
According to the report, Fidesz Chairman Viktor Orbán is now the fourth most popular politician, following small conservative opposition MDF leader Ibolya Dávid, President László Sólyom and Speaker of Parliament Katalin Szili.
The government's popularity plummeted after its austerity package was announced in June, and about one third of the governing parties' disappointed voters shifted to support the opposition side in July, the report said, adding that Fidesz's support had increased in an even more spectacular way in early August.