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China to enhance reduction of emissions

Emissions reduction will be a focal point of an energy law being created in China as part of the country's efforts to address climate change in an effective manner.

Among the 140 articles of the drafted energy law, no less than 20 concern energy conservation and the development of clean and renewable energy. The draft required local governments to push ahead energy-efficient production processes, consumption approaches and lifestyles. They were also ordered to improve energy consumption structure, raise efficiency of energy use and encourage the replacement of traditional energy with new types of energy - substituting fossil fuels with renewable energy and high-carbon with low-carbon energy.

On Monday, the National Energy Leading Group officially published the drafted energy law on its website to solicit public opinion. The public comment period ends February. 1. The emissions-reduction-related articles of the draft involved energy conservation as a priority, coordinated development of energy and eco-environment, reasonable exploration of renewable energy, development of clean energy and nuclear energy for civilian use. Also written into the draft was energy saving by government departments, market mechanism for energy conservation and energy pricing and taxation.

The draft stipulated that the government encouraged, under the precondition of ecological protection, energy-related crops to be planted on barren hills, shoals and other areas unsuitable for grain growing. Stimulus in pricing should be provided for the development of wind power, solar energy and bio-energy, according to the drafted law. (xinhuanet)