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Chambers, labor code, local councils on Parliament's fall agenda

Parliament will discuss proposed legislation on professional chambers, the labor code, bankruptcy procedures and local councils when it meets for the autumn term, the rough agenda for the period shows.

Parliament will discuss in September proposed legislation on chambers of commerce and industry that seeks to lay down the public and administrative tasks of these professional bodies. It will also discuss a bill on farm and food industry chambers that aims to bring together as broad a representation of the sector as possible, thus serving to strengthen SMEs and ensure food safety.

In October, Parliament will discuss the new labor code, intended to protect the statutory rights of workers while "giving broad space" to the autonomy of contracts between employers and employees, making employment regulations more flexible and creating a legal framework for the expansion of unconventional forms of employment.

In November, amendments to the law on bankruptcy and voluntary liquidation procedures are on the agenda. The changes aim to make the procedures faster and simpler while improving the efficiency of managing abuse.

Parliament will discuss proposed legislation on local councils. The bill seeks to define mandatory and voluntary tasks of local governments and establish a new financing system for them.

A package of changes to legislation necessary for implementation of structural reforms in the healthcare sector outlined in the Széll Kálmán Plan and the Semmelweis Plan are also on the agenda in November.

Parliament will discuss proposed legislation containing measures that make methods for indirect state support for research and development simpler and more uniform.

The government is expected to submit the 2012 budget in September, but it is not on Parliament's agenda until December.

Parliament last met during an extraordinary session on July 11.