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By train to Ferihegy Airport from July

Máv announced that it starts building a train stop at Ferihegy 1 and an overpass to connect the stop with the terminal. This way the airport will be only 22 minutes away from Nyugati Railway station.

Budapest's Ferihegy international airport will finally be accessible by train from July but instead of being served by a dedicated express, it will be only a stop for the regular train connecting Budapest with south-east Hungary, the daily Magyar Nemzet reported today.

The construction of a train stop at Ferihegy Terminal 1 is underway and according to an earlier announcement by the national railways company Máv, it will be completed on May 8. EU funding has enabled Máv to modernize the Ferencváros-Vecsés stretch of its Budapest-Lökösháza service and to build two platforms and a passenger overpass at Ferihegy.

Trains are expected to operate on the line every 30 minutes from July and Ferihegy airport will be accessible from Budapest's Western (Nyugati) railway station in 22 minutes. Máv said that ticket prices would be on a par with the cost of public transport.

Last year, Minister Economy and Transport János Kóka said that an express service would be established between central Budapest and Ferihegy airport in two or three years. However, there are no further details available about this project, the paper said. (Magyar Nemzet)