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Bulgarian government helpless against high prices

The Minister of economy and energy Petar Dimitrov expressed certainty, that the adopted yesterday measures for taking hold of the prices will be effective.

Minister Dimitrov reminded that the measures include import of wheat and purchase of maize through participation of auctions in Hungary. The measures are such as it is possible, commented the minister. Bulgaria is a market economy, the regulation goes through the market and the state intervention is reduced intentionally not to distort the competitiveness, explained Dimitrov.

We don’t have a semi-military mechanism for punishment in deviations of the price from the goods cost price. Also there is no arranged lucrativeness, was firm the minister. He said there was no reason for holding the price of the wheat or for speculative growth of the fodder’s price. Check-ups will continue although the capacity of the controlling bodies is limited, said minister Dimitrov. If the producer has declared a marginal price and does not adhere to it, he can be sanctioned.

The sanctions are between 300 leva (€150) and 3000 leva (€1500), which is not enough to threaten the infringes but this is the normative base, pointed Dimitrov and added that so far there were no proposals for change of the law. (