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Bulgaria to keep troop number in Afghanistan

Bulgaria intends to keep the number of the soldiers in its mission in Afghanistan, an official announced.

This claimed in an interview for BNR the defense minister Vesselin Bliznakov, who is in Vilnius for the meeting of the NATO defense ministers.

The statement was made in the context of the surprise visit of the US state secretary Condoleezza Rice and the British foreign minister David Miliband in Kabul. Washington appeals to its allies to send soldiers in Afghanistan.

Bulgaria participates in the NATO mission with a contingent of 420 people and intends to keep this number, claimed minister Bliznakov.

According to him, in this way Bulgaria shows that the country is strongly engaged with the NATO cause in Afghanistan.

At the meeting in Vilnius the defense ministers of the NATO countries will try to restore the unity on NATO's mission in Afghanistan. (