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Bulgaria and Romania nervous, make cosmetic changes

Bulgaria and Romania are trying to convince the EU that they are efficient in combating wide spread corruption ahead of the June EU Commission report that would assess their progress, EUexpands wrote on Monday.

The comment came two days after Bulgarian Prime Minister and Socialist leader Sergey Stanishev said he had accepted the resignation of two ministers, following a corruption scandal that shook the center-left government.

According to EUexpands speculations of the possibility that the two newest EU members would be punished end of June by the recommendation of a safeguard clause have made both states nervous.

In Romania, former socialist Prime Minister Adrian Nastase received a fresh attention from the media when Prosecutors of the National Anti-corruption Department (DNA) ordered that ex-prime minister be brought to court.

In Bulgaria, Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev approved at the end of last week the resignation of the energy minister Rumen Ovcharov in a wake of a corruption scandal. The article points out that Brussels is unwilling to comment on the possible outcome of the report, which is now under preparation. (