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Budapest in mid-ranks of competitiveness

The Central Hungarian region ranks 47th of the 118 regions in the EU in terms of competitiveness, according to the scientists of Sheffield University and George Washington University.

The recently published research considers, among all, the ratio of R&D workers, the money spent on education, the state of transportation and infrastructure, the productivity, and the per capita GDP. Although Hungary only received 2/3 of the points of Prague and Bratislava, the reality isn’t so discouraging: while the Czech Republicwas divided into 8 regions and Slovakia into 4, Hungary was only evaluated by 3 regions, Transdanubia placing 104th and the Northern Hungarian region lagging behind on the 115th place. If one is to take a look at the competitiveness of the Visegrád countries, Hungary leads the way followed by the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. (Világgazdaság)