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Budapest helps people deal with heat wave

Hungarian authorities delivered thousands of gallons of water to citizens of Budapest to help them cope with temperatures topping 38.5C (100 degrees Fahrenheit). Hungary will be the hottest place in Europe today. 

The Budapest city council Tuesday sent out about 90 municipal workers and volunteers to distribute 22,000 bottles and 15,000 plastic bags with drinking water across the capital, the Hungarian news agency MTI said. The city council sent water trucks to cool streets and sidewalks and it opened about 2,000 fountains in parks. The Budapest city transport company kept delivering water to passengers at major bus and streetcar stops.
Budapest authorities urged senior citizens to seek shelter in hospitals and public centers, MTI said. (

Hungary will be the hottest place in Europe today, according to forecasts, with temperatures of 40-41C breaking the Budapest and national records for this date. The crest of the heat wave is expected on Friday, at 42C.