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Brussels satisfied with Hungary's plan for using EU subsidies in 2007-2013

Alejandro Checchi-Lang, director of the EU's Directorate General for Regional Policy, said during a visit to Budapest on Tuesday that Brussels is satisfied with Hungary's plan for using EU subsidies during the 2007-2013 budget period.

Checchi-Lang arrived in Hungary to start talks on the way Hungary aims to use the subsidies as outlined in the New Hungary Development Plan, the government's framework for paying out the subsidies in 2007-2013. Checchi-Lang said he believed corrections could be made to the plan as well as to the related operative programs during negotiations which will last several months. He said Brussels and Hungary have differences with relation to environmental and transportation issues. The aim of the talks is to have the plan approved by the beginning of summer, Checchi-Lang said.

He added that as Hungary was one of the first countries to submit its plan for disbursing subsidies during the period to Brussels, it could also be among the first to receive EU funding. Gordon Bajnai, government commissioner in charge of development, also said he expected the interests of Hungary and Brussels to be harmonized at the end of the talks. Checchi-Lang said the National Development Plan submitted by Hungary has a consistent strategy. One of its key aims is to support technological restructuring and subsidies to businesses. (Mti-Eco)