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Broadcast authority chief starts legal action

László Majtényi, the chairman of Hungary's national body in charge of awarding frequencies ORTT, told MTI on Monday he is asking attorney general Tamás Kovács to initiate a legal investigation of a recent tender for country-wide commercial radio licenses.

Majtényi, who resigned over the tender with effect from November 30, said the sale broke the law.

Bids by incumbent pop-music stations Sláger Rádió and Danubius Rádió were rejected by ORTT and the seven-year concessions in the tender were awarded to newcomers in what some industry insiders saw as a politically-motivated decision.

The tender results were announced at the end of October and the contracts signed with the winners at the beginning of November.

“I don't think the case is closed; I think this is just the start of a scandal,” Majtényi told MTI after the tender results were announced.

A week ago, nine embassies in Hungary said in an open letter that foreign investors could be deterred by reports of “non-transparent behavior” in some areas, including broadcasting. Some of the ambassadors brought up the radio frequency tender at a meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai on Monday. (MTI-ECONEWS)