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Blair to take part in Hungarian Socialist party congress

British Prime Minister Tony Blair will attend the Hungarian Socialist party MSZP conference starting next Friday, MSZP's chairman told MTI on Thursday.

Itván Hiller said Blair had gladly accepted the party's invitation for a one-day visit. Blair will take part in the main governing party's congress on Saturday. Blair visited to Budapest in December when he met leaders from the region to thrash out an agreement on the European budget. Hiller said Blair's visit paid testimony to Hungary's good standing, as well as the British PM's regard for Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány and the Socialist party. The Socialist chairman noted that the left-wing UK-based Policy Network had published an extract from Gyurcsány's recent book "Útközben". The visit is expected to boost morale among Socialist party veterans ahead of the April elections. Polls indicate the two main rival parties are tied.