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Bath reconstructions to kick off

The large-scale reconstruction of three monument baths, Gellért, Lukács and Széchenyi will start on Monday, said Gábor Horváth, CEO of Budapest Spa Baths Zrt.

The constructor companies are the Kalotherm Zrt, Tempero Zrt and Építőipari Fővállalkozó Kft, respectively. The reconstruction is planned to cost a total of Ft 3.5 billion and should last a year. In Gellért Baths the women’s thermal section will be closed down on Monday, men’s section will be submitted to renovation six months later, but both sexes can use each other’s thermal baths in swimming costumes.

In Lukács the reconstruction covers, among other things, the steam pools and the mud hall and a new sauna while in Széchenyi it will focus on the mixed-sex departments. The monument baths reconstruction tender was invited by the Hungarian Tourism Office. (Magyar Hírlap)