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Bajnai selected as candidate for prime minister

The leadership of the liberal (SzDSz) has supported Hungarian socialist party (MSzP) candidate Gordon Bajnai to replace Ferenc Gyurcsány as Hungary's prime minister, MTI reported.

Together, the MSzP and the SzDSz command the necessary parliamentary majority to appoint Bajnai, who currently serves as minister of economy, to replace current Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, who announced on March 21 that the MSzP should seek his replacement to head a new government.

SzDSz President Gábor Fodor said that SzDSz party leaders had defined two expectations with regard to Hungary's new government during their Sunday meeting at which Bajnai was also present - that the new cabinet be comprised primarily of “external specialists” and that its program correspond to that of the Reformszövetség (reform alliance).

Bajnai presented his prospective government program to MSzP and SzDSz parliamentary group separately at a closed meeting on Sunday evening. MSzP deputy party-group leader Attila Mesterházy told MTI that a 115 of the 120 MSzP representatives present at the meeting supported Bajnai's program. (MTI – Econews)