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Bajnai seeks restored confidence

  The government’s program aims to manage the crisis in the short term, create balance, lay the foundation for growth and re-establish the confidence of international financers, Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai told employers and unions at a meeting of the National Interest Conciliation Council (OÉT).

Bajnai asked representatives at the meeting to understand that sacrifices would be asked of everyone as part of the government’s crisis management program. The government’s program aims to protect hundreds of thousands of workplaces and families, as well as tens of thousands of small businesses, from the crisis, Bajnai said.

It is also a constructive program that seeks to create the conditions for Hungary to return to a path of growth and convergence after the crisis, he added. Only a stable budget balance can create the foundation for growth, and it is steps related to this that will be the most painful, Bajnai said.

The program offers a chance for a show of solidarity: state leaders are taking a pay cut and a new VAT rate for basic foodstuffs will be introduced, he added. (BBJ, Gazdasági Rádió)