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Bajnai announces new cabinet appointments

  Prime minister-designate Gordon Bajnai on Tuesday afternoon announced the composition of his prospective new cabinet.

During a speech in parliament, Bajnai announced the appointment of Deloitte Magyarország President-CEO Péter Oszkó to replace János Veres as minister of finance, German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce President Tamás Vahl to replace himself as minister of national development and economy, Gyurcsány-government state secretary László Herczog to replace Erika Szűcs as social and labor affairs minister, Péter Balázs to replace Kinga Göncz as foreign minister, Zoltán Varga to replace István Gyenesei as minister of local government and regional development, Ádám Ficsor to replace György Szilvásy as minister without portfolio responsible for civilian national-security services and Csaba Molnár to replace Peter Kiss head of the prime minister’s office.

Bajnai appointed Kiss to serve as minister without portfolio responsible for social coordination. Tibor Draskovics would retain his post as minister of justice, while István Hiller would continue to serve as minister of education, József Gráf would remain minister of agriculture, Imre Szekeres would remain minister of defense and Tamás Székely would remain minister of health. (MTI-Econews)