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Authorities find work law problems at 70% of firms checked in 2006

Hungary's employment and work safety authority found irregularities in 70% of checks run at a total of 26,000 Hungarian companies last year, government spokeswoman Emese Danks said on Wednesday.

Violations on labour laws were found in the case of 142,000 employees. The number of people found employed without proper documents was up from 28,000 in 2005 to 42,000 in 2006, she said. Fines totaling Ft 5.8 billion were levied in around 13,000 cases. The most common violations concerned exceeding the maximum number of working hours and non-compliance in respect of payment agreements. Problems in observing work safety rules were found in 46% of companies examined. Danks noted that the government had published online a black list of offending companies in September 2006 and these firms would be excluded from state supports. (