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Approved draft labor code nearly the same as version from talks

The draft of a new labor code approved by the government at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday is 99% in line with the version hammered out at talks over the past several weeks, state secretary for employment affairs Sándor Czomba said on Thursday.

The remaining 1% is over differences with trade unions, but here too there is still the chance to make further proposals and express opinions, Czomba said.

The base number of vacation days and the number of supplementary days have remained at 20 and ten, respectively, in the draft.

The new code makes it more difficult to lay off employees five years from retirement, a group that enjoys special protection under European Union rules, Czomba said.

The new code allows annual overtime of 250 hours, up from 200 at present. Annual overtime can reach 300 hours if the employer and employees agree on the increase in a collective contract.

The new code permits just one collective contract to be signed with unions, and it limits the scope of union representatives who enjoy certain protection.

The new code makes it absolutely clear that employees’ personal lives may not be scrutinized by their employers.