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ÁAK sells 100,000 motorway stickers through mobile phones

A total of 100,000 motorway stickers were bought through mobile phones since launching the service on March 17, the National Motorway Management Rt (ÁAK) and two service provider mobile companies said on Wednesday.

The option allowing the easy purchase is available only for four-day stickers for cars, 6.5% of which were bought through mobile phones over the introductory period, a press release said. According to ÁAK's figures, 17% more motorway stickers were sold in the January-March period year-on-year.
Revenues in the surveyed period rose to Ft 10.7 billion from Ft 9.3 billion year-on-year, a 15% increase. Four-day stickers made up the largest share in the sales in January-March, when over 1.5 million of these stickers were sold, ÁAK said.