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Đelić to investors: Gov’t will provide stability in Serbia

Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Đelić Monday sent a message to domestic and foreign investors.

Đelić said, that the government will provide macroeconomic stability, property safety, dynamic economic growth and concrete resolution of investment obstacles. After a meeting of a Serbian government economic team with representatives of domestic and foreign investors, Đelić said that foreign investors “spent over $15 billion and created over 100,000 new jobs since 2000”, underscoring that “FDI are Serbia’s future”. The government issued strong guarantees to foreign and local investors that it will provide macroeconomic stability and budget revision but without increasing taxes and without increasing public expenditure, Đelić told a news conference in Belgrade.

Another message to local and foreign investors was that the government will provide safety for people and property and compensate for the damage caused on some embassy buildings in the recent protests in Belgrade, said Đelić. Explaining the third message, which refers to a dynamic economic growth, Đelić specified that a growth of between 6-7% of the GDP, as well as an inflation rate of between 6-7% and an industrial growth of about 4%, “continue to be the government’s economic goals for the year 2008”. The key for achieving those goals is FDI of at least €3 billion this year, according to him.

Speaking about the “fourth message”, Đelić clarified that the Serbian government will in the future be at the disposal of all potential local and foreign investors, announcing that it will “fight to introduce as simple investment procedures as possible”. Đelić held the meeting on Prospects of Economic Trends in Serbia with the ministers from the government economic team, the National Bank of Serbia governor, representatives of the Serbian and US chambers of commerce, as well as the Foreign Investors Council (FIC).

Minister for Economy and Regional Development Mlađan Dinkić, Minister for Trade and Service Predrag Bubalo, NBS Governor Radovan Jelasic, presidents of the Serbian and US chamber of commerce in Serbia, Miloš Bugarin and Dejan Cvetković, respectively, as well as FIC President Stein Erik Vellan, attended the meeting. (B92, Serbia)