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Minister appoints new MÁV directors

National development minister Tamás Fellegi has appointed new members of the board of directors and the supervisory board of the state-owned railway company MÁV as of August, the National Development Ministry's communications department told MTI on Wednesday.

The minister has also finalized the appointment of the new president and CEO Ferenc Szarvas, who had been head of the Government Debt Management Centre since 2000 and earlier worked as president of Malév, head of several Hungarian banks and deputy CEO of the privatization agency APV.

In addition to Szarvas, the new members of the board of directors are Gergely Horváth, CEO of the national asset manager MNV; Csaba Lantos, former deputy CEO of OTP Bank; MÁV deputy CEO László Mosóczi; Sándor Sipos, former deputy CEO of MÁV.

The new members of the supervisory board are chairman Ferenc Szabó, CEO of Hungaropharma; Kálmán Dabóczi, department head of the National Development Ministry (NFM); Zsolt Selmeczi-Kovács, department head of the Ministry of National Economy; Tímea Zalahegyi, department head of NFM; and, representing employees, István Gaskó and Dezső Simon. (MTI-ECONEWS)