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Teachers, chemists to go on demo

Teachers and chemists will hold a public demonstration outside the building of the Ministry of Human Resources next Sunday, online Index reported.

The event aims to force the government to negotiate with the professionals about the government's proposed changes of the Hungarian education system.

The conflict unleashed on May 2 when it turned out that the government is planning to assume state control of schools currently owned by municipalities.

According to the head of the Trade Union of Teachers Istvánné Galló, this would eliminate 30,000-40,000 workplaces, Index said.

Meanwhile, the conflict between firefighters and policemen and the Minister of Interior Sándor Pintér has come to a turning point, online reported.

Leader of the strike committee Péter Kónya said that the Interior Minister’s latest offer was "acceptable” and they are looking forward to an agreement.

Firefighters and policemen earlier held two mass demonstrations in Budapest against government plans to eliminate early retirement.