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Tarlós: Socialist legacy might lead Budapest to bankruptcy

We set Budapest to rights, cut costs and make the city livable and clear, Budapest Mayor István Tarlós told daily Magyar Hírlap in an interview. However, the city needs financial support in order to avoid bankruptcy, he said.

Unless national development agency NFÜ starts to intensively finance the construction of Metro 4, vehicle swaps and other developments, Budapest might go bankrupt, Tarlós told the daily. The works on Metro 4 line are, however, according to schedule, he said.

In terms of government plans to reform the municipality system Tarlós said that it was ”dangerous”. It is conceivable that no political force will ever have two-thirds majority in the new 200-member parliament, meaning that it would almost be impossible to change the system later, he pointed out. If the personal motives of some megalomaniac and blindfolded people lead to a municipality system worse than the current one and hurt the interest of Budapest, recovering the system would be very difficult, he said. “It would be mere anarchy”, he added referring to the idea of some district mayors who want to have all roads and public premises to get under the supremacy of their own.

When asked about his political style, Tarlós admitted that he is not in tune with the parties supporting him but he and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán understand each other very well. “It is not a coincidence that we won Budapest,” he said adding that he is less aggressive with his political opponents than many other politicians but he considers this approach as a key of his success.