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Roma Holocaust remembered in Budapest

Civil groups held a commemoration of the Roma Holocaust in Budapest and remembered the victims of fatal attacks in recent years committed against Roma in Hungary.

Gathered by a Roma Holocaust memorial on the Danube embankment southeast of the city center, representatives of several organizations laid wreaths in memory of the victims.

Ágnes Daróczi, on behalf of Roma rights group Phralipe, drew a parallel between the anti-Roma attacks in 2008-2009 and the Auschwitz murders 67 years ago and said she hoped the Hungarian government would stop hate crimes against the Roma and other minorities.

Nine attacks were committed on Roma families living on the outskirts of small, rural villages between July 2008 and August 2009 in central and eastern Hungary, claiming the lives of six people, including a child of five.

The Socialist Party said in a statement that politicians on the right and on the left are equally responsible to make sure that those promoting extremist views do not get political and public support.

The Roma Holocaust has been commemorated world-wide on August 2 since 1972. It was the night of August 2 in 1944 when more than three thousand Roma, mainly women and children, were killed in the death camps of Auschwitz.