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R&D network of MTA is close to bankruptcy

Research institutions of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences are very close to have liquidity problems. The entire Hungarian R&D sector can be endangered if they announce bankruptcy, said József Pálinkás, president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in an interview with political daily Magyar Nemzet.

Both researchers of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) and universities are placed in a very difficult situation after R&D funds have been blocked, Pálinkás said to Magyar Nemzet. He added that it means a HUF 2.5 billion gap in the MTA's budget to be filled.

In cases where research work has alreday started based on signed contracts, it would be necessary to continue the payments, Pálinkás said.

“My efforts to attract dozens of researchers to Hungary are useless if the country has a reputation that there is no money for R&D projects, and their work is not paid even despite signed contracts,” Pálinkás noted. He added that the government should pay attention to the issue.