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Provocative video encourages Hungarians to take part in census

Hungary published a provocative video and published it on social networking sites in order to encourage the young generation to fill out its national census online.

Hungary has produced a provocative video advertisement to encourage more people to fill out its national census online next month.

In the video that was posted on social networking sites on Wednesday, a topless young woman in red underwear holding a whip, opens the door to a census taker who offers her the option of completing the census online.

Imre Dobossy, a top communications official at the central statistics office KSH told Reuters, that they wanted to reach the younger generation over the internet which is more for this generation as it uses their language.

Hungarians were counted 10 years ago last time, and this will be first time they will be able to fill out the questionnaire online.

More than 37,000 census takers will collect data nationwide in October, the KSH said on its official census website.