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Multiple options for the future of the Chinese market

There are several ideas for redeveloping the land occupied by the Chinese market in Budapest's District VIII, reports. These include moving Vidámpark - the troubled city-owned amusement park - to the site, constructing a tram depot or establishing a luxury "Chinese quarter."

Consumer protection agencies and tax authorities have been trying to close the market called "Four Tigers" (Négy Tigris) for several years, yet it remains open.

The 39,000-sqm area is owned by railway company MÁV, and it is being rented by the operator of the market, Komondor Kft. As the company has not been found in breach of any regulations, the local government cannot have the market closed.

District Mayor Máté Kocsis expects that the fate of the market would be decided by the end of this year. He said the reason for his optimism was that negotiations related to planned developments at the site started recently, after a long period when the issue was neglected.