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More and more Hungarians buy online

Hungarian customers emphasize price and availability in online shopping, just as other countries in the region, according to a consumer research of online banking services provider PayPal made in Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Romania with the participation of 12,000 people. 

"The two main conclusions of the research is the growing importance of low-value transactions (HUF 5-20,000) and the expansion of online shopping from Asia," Damien Perillat, Paypal's regional executive said. "Previously, low-value transaction were characteristics of the domestic markets. The expansion of these international purchases clearly indicates the growing consumer confidence towards online shopping, as they presumes that online purchases become part of our everyday life," he added.
The second trend draws a clear picture of Asian markets' groing importance. "The cultural and geographic distance between Asia and Europe is no longer a problem, when we talk about online shopping. Depending on product category, up to one in four Hungarian online order aims Asia," Perillat said.
More than half of Hungarian costumers (55%) decide exclusively on basis of lowest price during online shopping. This ratio is approximately equal to data acquired in other countries of the region. The second most common reason of online shopping is the unavailability of products on the domestic market (27%). Other causes include special releases and certain versions of products (11%) or that the latest version has not yet been sold at home (6%). 
Based on the results of the research most of the Hungarian consumers order electronic devices (26%), softwares (15%), clothes (12%), jewelry (9%), parfumes and cosmetics (5%).