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Magyar Telekom launches sustainability media award

In order to encourage journalists and reporters to cover sustainability more, Magyar Telekom, together with Fenntarthatósági Média Klub, has launched hello holnap!, a media award.

With the media award, Magyar Telekom is continuing its long-term media strategy of drawing attention to sustainability issues. The award is part of hello holnap!, which acts as an umbrella to cover all sustainability-related campaigns of the company.

Journalists covering the field can submit their works until August 10 in 6 sustainability topics including equality, poverty or sustainable consumption.

“By involving journalists more, Magyar Telekom hopes to gain more publicity to sustainability issues,” Gabriella Liptay, head of the marketing communication department of Magyar Telekom told the Budapest Business Journal.

According to a recent survey, only 5% of Hungarians know the meaning of sustainability, said Katalin Szomolányi, head of the sustainability department of Magyar Telekom. “If this rate doubles in a few years, we will feel that our efforts have been appreciated.”