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LMP proposes to make Városháza Park the city's new main square

Opposition party LMP has proposed that Budapest's Városháza Park in District V is not built on but turned into the city's new main square, reports The party wants the ideas of local residents to be considered when creating plans, and for these ideas to be acted on within two years.

The question of what to do with the land on the Károly körút side of the Városháza (Town Hall) has been the focus of debate for years. In 2005, an unattractive line of bazaars was demolished and a park created. The area is now designated a "temporary public place." Different political parties urged that an inner parking lot not visible from the "small ring road" be turned into a public park as well, but this has yet to happen.

An earlier tender for building in the area was won by Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat in 2008. However, construction of the planned complex was delayed by several reasons, and the plan was permanently scrapped after Budapest changed mayors last year.