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Hungary, Poland rising as centers of clinical studies for new drugs

The world’s major pharmaceutical companies are now shifting their human clinical testing protocols en masse to such cities as Gdansk in Poland and Pécs in Hungary, both cities now accounting for 21 percent of all subjects studied in patient trials mandated to be in the 18,000 range, news wire Reuters reported.

The shift to Eastern Europe appeared to be motivated by the search for cheaper venues for patient trials, as well the identification of patient pools which have not been exposed to treatment by existing medicines that could skew results of clinical tests using new drugs, Reuters added. Hungary’s University of Pécs cardiology head Dr. Iván Horváth said motivation for going to Eastern Europe for the tests was high for several practical reasons – It provides patients with new drugs for free, it is a generous source of revenue for hospitals used in the tests, and it advances medical science in a big way.