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Hungarian distilleries score big at international spirit competition

Hungarian distilleries provided an outstanding performance on the 2011 Destillata, the international spirit competition of pálinkas. 171 competitors took part in the contest from 12 countries with 1,560 entries altogether.

From the 171 contestants 24 were Hungarians, who claimed 120 awards. Agárdi Pálinkafőzde won the most, 14 medals. Second-placed Zimek Manufaktúra, managed to return with 13 medals from the competition. The Hungarian apricot pálinka of Vitalisz won the pálinka of the year title.

Sándor Font, president of the Hungarian Parliament’s agricultural committee, Wolfgang Lukas, managing director of Destillata, and Gáborné Panyik, president of Pálinka Céh Egyesület presented the awards in Budapest.