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Hundreds of thousands came to see the Jenson Button show in Budapest

A huge crowd gathered for the closing day of the Vodafone Start Something New Weekend, to see Formula-1 champion Button burn the tyres on his way from the Basilica to the Parliament in Budapest.  

Jenson Button, Formula-1 champion of 2009 and Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team member came for a very special visit to Budapest this past weekend. He speeded through downtown on a temporary race track from the Basilica to the Parliament, entertaining hundreds of thousands of spectators with speed and sound well over the usual limits. Button passed 200 km/h on a 1.6-kilometer track and also spun his vehicle several times as well for the show.

Local stars of the Hungaroring race track also showed their talent at the special event on Tuesday. After the opening speech of Vodafone CEO Diego Massida and the first appereance of Jenson Button, the likes of rally, WTCC racers and the Lotus Ladies all went for a demo. 

The spectators could take part of different challenges during the four-day festival, with the best of them winning a chance to personally meet Jenson Button to take their prizes from him. A total of 6,000 participants took part of the games: the most popular was the wheel change with 1,500 players. The online broadcast, covering the event by a special camera angles from Button's car and from the air, was viewed by 43,000 of those that couldn't make it to the event. AJM