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Govt to launch HUF 60 bln job creation program for disadvantaged

The government will introduce a four-year job creation program to help people with work disadvantages, National Economy Ministry State Secretary Sándor Czomba announced on Wednesday.

The HUF 60 billion initiative, called Social Renewal Operative Program (TAMOP), is designed to help those with a low level of education, those whose vocational skills have become obsolete, those returning to the workforce after extended periods of economic inactivity to take care of young children, those who receive wage-supplement support, those in jeopardy of long-term unemployment and those of over 50 years of age to find jobs.

Czomba expects to involve about 70,000 people in the program under which businesses may apply for employment support for a maximum period of one year. Apart from providing support for payroll costs, they plan to provide training for about half of the participants.

HUF 17 billion of the total funding will help the employment of people over 50 years old as they account for more than one-fifth of registered job seekers, the state secretary said.

Czomba said that the government expects the program to help 20,000 people, more than half of them Roma, to find work on a permanent basis, meaning being employed six months after the completion of the project.