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Govt takes decisions on more than HUF 28bn worth of big developments

The government took decisions on three big investments worth more than HUF 28bn at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, government spokesman András Giró-Szász said on Thursday.

The government approved a HUF 9bn waste management investment that will improve the quality of life of some 650,000 people in 167 communities in central Hungary. A HUF 7.6bn European Union grant is supporting the project.

The government also approved a HUF 16.1bn investment involving the cultivation of 103 dumps in counties around the country. EU funding is covering 85% of the cost of the project.

The third big investment the government cleared is the renovation of the Grassalkovich Castle in Hatvan, near Budapest. The castle will become the home to a national hunting museum.

A decision was also taken on cutting the administrative burdens of businesses by a further HUF 400bn over the HUF 105bn reduction in a program launched this year, Giró-Szász said.