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Fewer Hungarians plan to buy pirated, counterfeit goods

The proportion of Hungarians ready to buy pirated or counterfeit merchandise has fallen for all categories of goods this year compared to last, the National Association Against Counterfeiting (HENT) said on Tuesday.

A survey by HENT shows just 27% of Hungarians would buy pirated or counterfeit merchandise under certain conditions. About 3% said they would purchase such goods under any conditions.

Hungarians showed the most affinity for knockoff clothing: one-sixth of those surveyed said they would purchase it under any conditions. The least popular category for counterfeits was medicine; just 6% of Hungarians said they would even consider such a purchase.

The survey shows about 13% of Hungarians bought at least one counterfeit product in the past year. The proportion was higher for music, 19%, films, 17%, and software, 8%.

Pirated and counterfeit goods account for about one-third of Hungary's black market, valued at at least HUF 2,700 billion a year or 10-15% of GDP, Econews reported earlier.