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Career-starters in Hungary take home gross monthly HUF 160,000

Career-starters in Hungary between the ages of 18 and 25 earn on average gross HUF 160,000 a month, according to a fresh survey by, operated by job portal Workania.

University graduates take home HUF 209,000 a month on average, while Hungarians who have a secondary-school diploma get HUF 128,000 and those who have only completed primary school earn just HUF 118,000.

University graduates starting out in the banking and financial sector get an average monthly HUF 302,000. Career-starters with degrees get HUF 295,000 in the automotive industry, HUF 279,000 in the insurance business, HUF 262,000 in the chemicals industry and HUF 211,000 in marketing and PR. Starting out in the public sector, university graduates get a gross average HUF 274,000 a month.